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Panoramic images 2003 - 2004

Preparing Helga
The Mint Museum in Charlotte is preparing to show "Andrew Wyeth: The Helga Pictures", 70 works from the famous collection.
index page with 358K image, sizeTK sound file, and links to fullscreen and timelapse video.

Living on the 21st floor
Matt Ferris likes the lifestyle, living on the 21st floor.
index page with 438K image, 129K sound file and link to fullscreen.

A visit to a steel mill
index page with 486K image and links to fullscreen and slideshow.

July 4 fireworks display
index page with 360K image.

Carolinas Photojournalism Workshop group portrait
710K, no sound.

Bodie Island Lighthouse
562K, no sound.

South Tryon Community Church
821K with sound

Nordstroms Grand Opening
1.1 MB with sound

John Edwards' Concession Speech - high bandwidth
1.97 MB no sound

Xavier's Barbershop - low bandwidth
702K no sound

Xavier's Barbershop - high bandwidth
2.56MB with sound

Urbanna VA Oyster Festival Shucking Contest
557K, no sound

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